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Cutting-edge machine learning meets dynamic pricing

Maximize your revenue by adjusting prices based on real-time demand fluctuations.
Profit lift
Average profit lift for our customers.
Daily Price Changes
Our app changes millions of prices on a daily basis
We adjust prices based on demand in each country you sell in.
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Custom Pricing Solutions

We work with our clients to create personalized solutions for any use case.
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Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

Our advanced machine learning algorithm analyzes daily demand trends to optimize your pricing strategy.

Revenue Forecasting

Be prepared for your sales cycle with our accurate revenue forecasting model

Multi Country Pricing

Set different guardrails depending on the country. Our algorithm decides the most optimal price depending on the current market dynamics and customer's willingness to pay for each country you sell products in.
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How it Works

Intelligent Prices At your Fingertips.
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Gather sales data

We create custom models for however you store data.
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Select Products

Let us choose which products will generate the highest profit lift.
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Set Guardrails

Decide how low or high we can test prices.
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increase your sales

Watch your revenue soar as your pricing strategy becomes more adaptive.


What they are saying about us

Revolutionize your company
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"We are now able to avoid human errors and optimize pricing with confidence. When you have 2000-3000 SKUs like we do, you are almost guaranteed to be leaving money on the table without a solid pricing strategy."
"The weekly hours we spent analyzing sales and prices were significantly reduced. Our experimentation, once rudimentary, has evolved into a more sophisticated and data-driven process."
"How would I know that, for example, if I dropped prices by 20 cents, profits would increase by 50%? It’s very hard to reach such a conclusion through manual experimentation. With catalan you can get this and other insights after only a few weeks."
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After meeting in a class at the MIT Media Lab, co-founders Ishaan (MIT PhD) and Andres (MIT MBA) set out to create the most cutting edge demand prediction algorithm in the market.

They have since recruited the top machine learning engineers to fine tune their initial solution to cater to stores across all markets in multiple countries to help increase total profit margins.

Why chess? Catalan is an aggressive opening used in chess. Here at, we believe that you should be playing chess, not checkers with your pricing - always thinking 3-4 steps ahead.
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Why us?

See why top industry experts are choosing us over traditional pricing strategies.
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We work with you so we can tailor our solutions to your use case.
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Built by MIT engineers, we know all the different factors that can affect your market. We adjust your prices acccordingly.
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Our demand prediction algorithm has 94% accuracy - better than anyone else in the market.
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Our investors see the vision for to become the #1 pricing solution for all customers.
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Common questions we get
  • What is is the all-in-one pricing solution. After connecting your store, our models can accurately predict demand, and you can start seeing positive results within the first few days.

  • How often do you change my prices?

    Every day our algorithm calibrates on external data to make sure that prices are always updated and relevant.

  • Do I have control on how much prices change?

    Yes! You can set upper and lower guardrails based off original price, or cost.

  • What if my sales dont increase?

    We are confident that we will help you get more sales. Often times our case studies show that even if units sold are on a downwards trend, profit often isn’t as low!

  • How do you determine the best price?

    We take into account many diferent factors such as seasonality, previous sales data, ads metrics, day of the week, competition, and more!

  • Do you show different prices in different countries?

    We have capabilities of multimarket pricing that caters to the demand of each region.

maximum profitability

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See why top industry experts are choosing over traditional pricing strategies.
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